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Astrology is the practice of mapping planetary positions for a given date, time and place for the purpose of determining correlations between celestial phenomena and events on earth. These configurations are then interpreted to the context in which they apply.

During the bygone days, the right to study the science of astrology was a privilege of the priesthood. Astrology was employed more for the needs and benefits of daily life and the running of a successful kingdom. Astrologers were deemed astronomers, who were consulted for their star-gazing skills in so far as astronomy assisted astrology in religious functions, which the latter, who also took the cudgels of official priesthood, had to perform in connection with particular deity worship, navigational and agricultural pursuits. That somewhat explains why astrology was placed in such a divine "godlike science" pedestal, far away from the reach of the common man. The early civilized races, considered the stars to herald events still in the womb of time.

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